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    Homeland does not act like, thinks like, creates like, markets like, talks like, sells like any other real estate company We speak Tel Aviv and thinks Tel Aviv – We understand where this wonderful city is heading.

    The areas we focused on were made from simple stones to polished diamonds. Today, few remember that Neve Tzedek, Florentin, the Flea Market in Jaffa were once distressed neighborhoods. That’s what we call vision.

    We have been operating since October 1992 and hope to work for many more years.


    -Homeland Real Estate  owned by Joseph Sionov-

    Then Came Jbros Inc



    From a real estate agency of 3 employees, the most recognizable and successful real estate brand was built in Tel Aviv with extensive activity in every corner of the city …. involved in every important and significant real estate transaction.

    After years of successful experience in real estate marketing, the hunger to enter the world of real estate entrepreneurship grew and Jbros Inc arose. To break through, to dare, to know to see not what exists – but what will be.

    Where others let fears hold them back, we burst forward with a twinkle in our eye, a vision in the sky, and feet planted deep in the ground. Some say of us that we are creating a new city. It has only been said that our desire, our goal, is to establish our real estate works. To develop the most coveted areas in this wonderful city and to know that each and every one of the projects we initiate is for one purpose only: to change the rules of the game.

    -Jbros Inc owned by Joseph Sionov-

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