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    Rental management

    Rental management services include the following: locating new tenants for an apartment, editing the rental agreement, a swift response to the tenants’ complaints and more. In order to provide professional services in this line of work, you are more than welcome contacting HOMELAND. Founded in 1992, HOMELAND thinks, speaks and markets real estate in the most advanced ways. Our staff is professional, determined and visionary.

    Types of services that rental management include 

    Rental management services hold many advantages. If you, too, are interested in taking the load off with your daily tasks, contact a company that will assist you in the following: 

    • Efficient search for new tenants
    • Thorough examination of the tenants as well as demanding an apartment deposit
    • Making sure the tenants are paying the electricity, water and gas bills, as well as property tax
    • Reporting to the municipality, water cooperation, IEC (Israel Electric Corporation) and more
    • Legal consultation regarding the property 
    • Price valuation and market trends

    Indeed, you will undoubtedly benefit from a company that specializes in these sort of services. In order to find company that will be a good fit, one ought to ask for recommendations from colleagues and acquaintances. This way, it will be easier contacting the professionals and ask the important questions: how much do these companies charge for their services? How much experience do they have in this line of work? In addition, are the fees can be tax deductible?  

    Properly assisting the customers is what rental management all about

    Are you interested in maintaining your property as well as the tenants? The professionals in HOMELAND will successfully carry out these services. This company aspires to give the best service – while maximizing their customers’ income and minimizing their involvement with the property. 

    Rental management Tel Aviv

    Let us locate the perfect tenants for you

    Finding your next tenants can be quite a hassle. The demand in Tel-Aviv is booming and you might find yourself interviewing dozens of applicants before finding the tenants to your liking. Our experts will make all the work for you and will take care of every detail. From advertising your asset, through the contract signing to all the required registrations via the electric company, water corporation and municipality taxes, we will make sure everything goes smoothly.

    All your maintenance needs

    Your tenants will enjoy an around-the-clock maintenance services that will answer their every needs. Never worry about electric or plumbing issues, or about repainting. Our experienced handymen are always within a call’s distance and will help you keep your asset in the best possible shape.

    For further details about the variety of services awaiting you with Home Land, contact us now.

    Rental management company

    Whether you are managing your new Israeli investment from abroad or from your new home in the holy land, you might realize this basic fact – there is no such thing as a “passive income”. With the right real estate investment, you may enjoy many benefits and get a great return, but at the end of the day, the worries never stop. A profitable asset requires your constant care. In order to make sure you will have the best care possible for your rental, we at Home Land offer you a comprehensive service that will handle all your tenants’ needs and will allow you to enjoy your investment with minimal effort on your end.

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