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    WHITE CITY Tower

    WHITE CITY Tower



    WHITE CITY Tower


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      white city tel aviv project

      White City Tel Aviv is a luxurious residential project; one that offers its residents high-end lifestyle. Adjacent to the lovely Neve Tzedek, White City’s luxury apartments offers spacious properties – with the proper adjustment to Israeli climate. To learn more about White City, you are more than welcome to contact HOMELAND. This company’s staff works with the vision and the intention to change the rules of real estate – and provide spectacular residential projects.  

      White City Tel Aviv – a spectacular design

      A house is home when we feel comfortable inside. What does it take for us achieve this feeling? There are different parameters, and White City Tel Aviv answers them all. The luxury apartments of White City offer a unique housing experience. This project offers the best of all worlds. In other words, it offers its residents a modern yet authentic living, a close proximity to the ocean as well as the sky and so much more. 

      In addition, White City resides in a pavilion construction that includes five floors – while each and every apartment is spectacular and stands on its own. Whether you are looking for a loft or a penthouse, these towers – who are 40 story high – will provide a unique living experience. 

      White City Tel Aviv - Luxury apartment with an authentic feel

      Furthermore, we should note that Giorgio Armani designs the penthouses of White City, as these apartments will be furnished with Armani’s furniture package. The rationale behind this collaboration is to decorate these spaces with a cosmopolitan ambiance – along with a personal tone. 

      Are you searching for a luxury apartment that will also have an authentic feel? White City is the right answer! To learn more about this project, contact HOMELAND.

      מועדון הלקוחות מונה כבר 158,204 לקוחות

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